This article describes the changes to  CT Dose Index Registry (DIR CT) reports occurring on August 1 (Phase I) and September 15, (Phase II) 2022. The changes are intended to:

  1. Provide new reporting features

  2. Make access to reports more intuitive and streamline the number of DIR CT reports 

  3. Create report consistency across all DIR modalities: DIR CT, DIR Fluoroscopy (DIR Fluoro), and DIR Digital Radiography (DIR DR) 

Phase I Changes: New Report Features

1. CT Facility Summary Report

New features added to this report enable you to:

  • Select how to aggregate the Exam Counts table (scanners by Facility or Facilities by Corporate Account)

  • Access a new chart showing localizers per exam

  • View scanners or facilities that have not sent data > 10 days 

  • Differentiate weekends from weekdays via color coding in the Exam Counts table

The screenshot below highlights the new features.

2. Standardized Dose Index Report

New features added to the report’s Exam Search tab enable you to:

  • View data by Study Description by default as currently shown in the CT Dose Information by Exam report

  • Select an exam to view an Irradiation Events table  as shown in the screenshot below


  • View a variety of new visuals that provide information about scanners sending RDSR data vs. those scanners still sending secondary capture to help sites prepare for December 31, 2022, when the DIR will no longer accept secondary capture submissions. The visuals include: 

    1. Color coding in the Exam Table

    2. Pie chart breakdown

    3. Study description bar graph

    4. Volume by month graph

    5. Distribution table

3. New Report Help Feature  

Gain insight into the report’s features and functions using a new help overlay available by clicking the Help link in the upper left corner of the report. These overlays point out detailed report information to help you quickly get the most out of your reports. Several examples are shown in the screenshots below.

  • CT Facility Summary Report

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated with low confidence

  • Exam Search Tab in the CT Standardized Dose Index Reports

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated


Phase II Changes: Report Consolidation

The following changes occurred on September 15, 2022, to consolidate reports to make access to performance information more convenient and intuitive.

  1. The CT Facility Summary report will be renamed CT Summary of Data Submitted to be consistent with the other DIR modality reports.  

  2. Links to the following reports will be removed from the DIR Reports menu section in the NRDR Portal:

    1. CT Facility Summary (now the CT Summary of Data Submitted)

    2. The CT Dose Information by Exam (available in the Exam Search tab of the Standardized Dose Index Report)

    3. CT Summary of Irradiation Events (available in the Exam Search tab of the Standardized Dose Index Report)