Anatomic Parts must be defined in the Digital Model section before Anatomic Parts can be populated in the Physical Model section.

Printer Label must be defined on the Manage Printers page before Printer Label, Printer Manufacturer, Printer Model and Technology can be populated.

In many cases, only a single model will be specified, consisting of all of the created parts. In other cases, however, different models containing different subsets of parts may be printed. The registry supports up to a maximum of 5 models per case. The information requested refers to the physical properties of the 3D printed object, not the capabilities of a given printer. For example, consider the Optical field, regarding optical properties. If a printer capable of creating transparent models is used to create an opaque object, then the response for Optical should be Opaque.

For further information on specific data elements, refer to the 3DP Registry Data Dictionary.

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