Currently in the pilot phase, the CDSR is being developed to provide facilities with access to image-ordering data to provide facility personnel with insights about ordering trends across modalities and specialty areas.   CDS R-SCAN Logo

The CDSR data will identify imaging exam ordering patterns for some of the most commonly ordered exams to pinpoint areas where best practices are being followed as well as areas in need of improvement.

Functionality under development includes:

  • Facility Performance Reports with filtering and drill-down functionality by a variety of dimensions including imaging clinical indications, ordering department/practice/groups, etc. to help draw insights from the data. 

  • Facility Comparision Reports for insight into your facility's imaging trends as compared with peers in the same geographic area, of the same practice type or setting as well as compared with all registry facilities.

Five pilot sites are now collecting test data and an initial electronic data submission form has been developed. Please check back for future updates and contact NRDR Support with any questions.