The following changes have been implemented as part of NRDR release 13.3:

  • Users with access to multiple facilities may use the Change Account Details page to set a default facility to be selected automatically each time they log in.NRDR Status Bar - Multiple Facilities

  • Audit history is now available for cancelled forms. Click the History button at the bottom of the cancelled form to see when a form was cancelled and by whom.

GRID Facility Form History

  • CTC Data File Uploads are now available for submitting data to the CTC registry.

  • Data for multiple facilities may be uploaded in a single data file for CTC, GRID, LCSR and NMD Data File Uploads.

  • A new Link Exam to Facility function is available, to allow users to move exams between facilities within the same Corporate Account and registry. 

  • A new interactive CT Facility Summary report for the DIR provides a snapshot of the number of exams in the registry by facility, scanner, date added, RPID, and Study Description. This is a good tool for identifying gaps in exam name mappings as well as potential issues in data submissions to the registry.

  • The DIR CT Summary Comparison report has been updated so that data are retrieved immediately after a Facility ID has been selected, using Q1 as the default quarter.

  • For the CTC registry, Registry Administrators and Facility Users may now access the CTC Data Export report.

  • Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) is no longer defined at the Physician Group TIN level. Instead, GPRO selection can be made through the MIPS portal when completing CMS reporting.