The CT Dose Information by Exam report lists detailed information about the origin of the exam provided by the scanner along with the total CTDIvol and Dose Length Product (DLP) in series per exam. You can also see CTDIvol and DLP for each series as separate values by using the Summary of Irradiation Events report. All users may view this report.

Select CT Dose Information by Exam from the DIR Interactive Reports submenu to use the report. The standard version of the report has been retired.

This report includes several filters for selecting data. The Corporate Account and the Facilities filters list all available accounts and sites, as determined by your NRDR user profile. The Include Data From filter defines a date range for the report, relative to the current date. By default, the filter is set to show data for the current month. Use the Study Date Range filter to further restrict the report to a specific start and end date within the time frame specified in the Include Data From filter. A Study Description filter is also available and lists all the values available for the selected corporate account(s).

DIR Interactive CT Dose Information by Exam - Filter

To run the report, select a value from the Corporate Account filter and click the Apply button. The report displays data sorted by Study Description. The report header includes a count of the number of exams matching the search criteria, as well as the range of study dates.

DIR Interactive CT Dose Information by Exam - Sample

When reviewing the report, check to make certain there are data submitted for each field. You can download the report to a .CSV file to work with the data in MS Excel so that you can sort and check for missing data elements. You should also verify the names of your exams that appear in the Study Description column. If the Study Description column is missing for more than 5% of records for a single scanner, or if an entire CT scanner’s exams are missing, please contact so we can help diagnose possible data transmission issues. The pie chart, to the right of the table, summarizes the number of exams by file type (RDSR and Secondary Capture) and can help confirm whether all exams are being sent to the registry, particularly Secondary Capture events.

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