The NMD QCDR Preview Report provides a preliminary snapshot of non-MIPS measures to help physicians and facilities monitor performance before the QCDR data submission deadline.

For 2017, there are five QCDR Non-MIPS measures along with two MIPS measures available using exam data from the NMD registry. These measures have been approved by CMS for MIPS reporting and are available for physicians to include as part of their annual measures:

  • ACRad 3: Screening Mammography Cancer Detection Rate

  • ACRad 5: Screening Mammography Abnormal Interpretation Rate (Recall Rate)

  • ACRad 6: Screening Mammography Positive Predictive Value 2 (PPV2 – Biopsy Recommended)

  • ACRad 7: Screening Mammography Node Negativity Rate (Group reporting only)

  • ACRad 8: Screening Mammography Minimal Cancer Rate (Group reporting only)

  • MIPS 146: Inappropriate Use of “Probably Benign” Assessment Category in Mammography Screening

  • MIPS 225: Reminder System for Screening Mammograms

The Measures Definitions table provides a brief description of each measure listed in the report.

Measures are provided for your facility, the entire NMD registry, and BCSC benchmarks on a quarterly basis for the year-to-date. Note that Q2 and Q4 results are included in the Facility Screening Report, whereas Q1 and Q3 results are produced as separate reports.

QCDR Preview Data Included

Report Issued


Jan. – Mar. (Q1)


NMD QCDR Preview

Jan. – Jun. (Q1, Q2)


NMD Facility Screening

Jan – Sep. (Q1, Q2, Q3)


NMD QCDR Preview

Jan. – Dec. (Year)


NMD Facility Screening

Results are provided separately for final and preliminary data:

  • Section 1 contains data for exams with at least 365 days of follow-up data. Facilities with no exams having at least 365 days of follow-up data receive only NMD aggregate benchmark data in this section but do have preliminary data in Section 2.

  • Section 2 contains preliminary data on exams performed in the most recent 12 months.

Note: Preliminary results are aggregated by physician to provide detailed performance results. Official MIPS results are reported to CMS by Taxpayer ID Number (TIN); consequently, physicians reporting to CMS as part of a group TIN will see only the group’s aggregated results in their formal results to CMS.

You can find NMD QCDR Preliminary reports through the Aggregate Reports menu item in the NRDR Homepage Facility Management menu. A sample report is available here.

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