Clicking CTC Data Export in the CTC Registry menu generates three tables:

  • Case Report - all cases registered

  • Exam Report all exams submitted

  • Polyp Report - all polyp forms submitted

These reports show your facility’s data from the registration, case and polyp forms. Each table opens in a new window. The tables can be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using the procedure described in Creating, Navigating, and Export Reports.

There is no filter to restrict the data displayed; data from all forms submitted by your facility are included.

These reports are available to Facility Administrators, Registry Administrators, and Facility Users.CTC Data Export - Case Report Detail

Case Report (Detail)

Note: For security reasons, patient SSN, Other ID, and name data are not displayed.

CTC Data Export - Exam Report Detail

Exam Report (Detail)

CTC Data Export - Polyp Report Detail

Polyp Report (Detail)

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