Before starting an application make sure you have gathered all of the following information:

  • Someone to act as your Corporate Account Administrator. This person will manage all administrative tasks including adding facilities, adding which registries each facility will use, billing, and all communications with the NRDR team. Ideally this will be the person who completes the corporate account application. See NRDR Accounts and Profiles and Identify Corporate Account and Facility Administrators for more details.

  • Someone to act as Facility Administrator for each of the sites that will submit data to the portal. This is the most important user role for a single facility, with the most permissions, including adding registries and new users. Each registered facility must have one, and only one, Facility Administrator.

  • List of registries in which your facility will participate

  • Count of actual imaging physicians for each physical site. You’ll need the total number of physicians as well as a breakdown by modality. Refer to the Physician Counts section of the Review Invoice and Submit article to see the counts needed.

Note: For all registries you will need the number of full-time and part-time radiologists – i.e. total headcount, not FTEs.

  • For GRID participants only, determine whether your facility can provide data for outcome measures and can therefore participate at the Gold Level, or must participate at the Green Level. The participation level has no impact on pricing but does affect which data can be submitted and included in reports.

  • If you have multiple physical sites, determine whether you want to register all sites under a single corporate account or multiple corporate accounts. Keep in mind that billing is consolidated by corporate account, so in most cases only a single corporate account should be required.

  • Gather the following information for each physical site that will be registered as a facility

    • Facility name

    • Facility category, e.g. academic/university-based, community/hospital-based, etc.

    • Location/community size: 

      • Metropolitan (>100,000), 

      • Suburban/Small (50,000 – 100,000), or 

      • Rural (< 50,000)

    • Trauma Center Level

    • Address, including city, state and ZIP or postal code

    • Phone number(s)

    • NPI number, for facilities joining the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR)

Optional Facility Information

During the application process you can upload important information for your registered facilities. While these steps are optional during the application process, some items are required before you may use specific registries. Regardless, you may want to gather the information and upload it as part of your application so that you have everything prepared for your sites at the end of the process. You may add or change information outside of the application process when needed. Below is a description of each form and the data required.


How It’s Used

Items You’ll Need


For CTC and LCSR, you can add scanner records for each scanner associated with an exam to save time during the data submission process.

You can update these records later through the Manage Scanners page.

Manufacturer scanner settings, including:

  • Manufacture

  • Model

  • Detector Rows

  • Row size

  • Slice thickness

  • Interval

  • Reconstructed image width (nominal width of reconstructed image along z-axis)

  • Facilities using the scanner

Physician Groups

Mandatory for MIPS, you can define a physician group and associated physicians for MIPS group reporting purposes.

Use the Manage Physician Groups page to make and changes in the future.

Group name

Facilities where the group practices

Physician TINs

Mandatory for MIPS, this form allows you to associate a Taxpayer Identification Number with a physician group. MIPS data are reported to CMS by TIN, and all physicians must have a TIN or be part of a group with an associated TIN.

Records are maintained through the Manage Physician Group TINs page.

Taxpayer Identification Number

Physician Group

TIN Start Date

Applicable facilities

Applicable registries

Physician List

Some registries require documentation of the reading physician. Use this form to populate the Physician dictionary with each physician’s name and NPI.

You can access and maintain physician records via the Manage Physicians page.




ACR Member ID, if applicable

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